Our latest editions of the maps are now available online on the platform and the perfect planning tool of Bernd Gassner | THERMIXC. 

We have succeeded in transferring all our content to THERMIXC. It is the complete content of our maps (except Burkhard Marten's valley wind chapter) - the whole extended by the complex planning tools of THERMIXC.


The perfect complement to the printed maps:

A perfect way to do route planning and access our maps on the go. These ONLINE maps are to be seen as a supplement to our printed maps. For good planning and a great overview or discussions in the group, the printed map is unsurpassed. In addition, the extensive and very good valley wind chapter by Burkhard Martens is only available in printed form, the gliding info map and vouchers are also not available online. 



With our combination offers you can combine the printed maps with the online maps as you wish and are therefore free in your decision. Our online maps are designed as a subscription for 3 years - after this period, the subscription can probably be extended at favourable conditions. We are also constantly working on the contents of the map, i.e. all updates in the area of the Alps covered so far are added to the ONLINE map at irregular intervals and are integrated in the ABO. 




After purchasing and paying for an ONLINE map, you will be sent an access link with your access data - this process is still manual and takes place within 2-3 days after ordering.